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  1. The Enchantments 2022: Roots, Rock, Rewards

    2023-06-11 02:21:00 UTC
    When I go on a solo hike or even with someone, I tend to sing songs where I replace the lyrics with words related to hiking. It’s usually after I’ve been on the trail for a while and I’m starting to get tired or parts of my body are beginning…

  2. Three Sisters Wilderness Loop 2021

    2021-08-29 22:30:00 UTC
    August 2nd-5th, 2021 My wife, Wendy, our 17-pound guard dog, Daisy and I left home base in Portland on Sunday and made the 3 plus hour drive down to Sisters, Oregon.  The plan was to begin the Three Sisters Wilderness Loop on Monday morning.  It would be just me going…

  3. Mount St Helens Summit 2020

    2020-09-21 01:28:00 UTC
    This was our second attempt to reach the summit of Mount St. Helens.  On October 25th, 2019 my buddy Mark and I made it within approximately 1,000 ft. of the top.  The weather that day started out great, but deteriorated fast. The winds began to howl and visibility significantly decreased…

  4. Timberline Trail: August 2020

    2020-08-23 20:52:00 UTC
    As middle age was approaching, which happened to sneak-up on me way too fast, I started thinking about personal things that I really wanted to accomplish. I guess you could use the term ‘bucket list’, but that seems cliché. Plus, I’m not even near as old as Jack Nicholson or…

  5. Magical Maui: Part 1

    2018-02-24 21:01:00 UTC
    I always love visiting Hawaii, so when my wife proposed heading to Maui for her birthday, I was like, hell yes!  Once this was easily established, the brainstorming began.  Fortunately, my better half loves to plan our vacations.  Without her, I‘d probably be sitting on the couch in my boxers…

  6. Winter at June Lake

    2018-01-22 23:57:00 UTC
    On Saturday morning I ventured up to an area near Mount St. Helens not knowing if I’d be hiking or snowshoeing.  It was cold and rainy at lower elevations, so I was banking on snow higher up.  That turned out to be the case. There was white stuff steadily falling…

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